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Proteger las pestañas de Chrome con la huella, ¿es posible?

Protect Chrome tabs with fingerprint, is it possible?

If your mobile has a fingerprint sensor and you usually use Google Chrome today we have very good news for you. Google is working to increase browser security with one of the best features seen so far. All users in the world can try it, although the real way to take advantage of it is in the fingerprint sensor. The Chrome incognito mode will be more secure very soon thanks to the function to password protect tabs.

You can protect a Chrome tab with the fingerprint

The Google Chrome Canary source code has revealed that the company is working on a very interesting experimental feature. This will allow users to configure protection for open tabs in the browser’s incognito mode. This protection may be a key or with fingerprint authentication.

Yes, you can make Chrome request one password or fingerprint when you want to access a specific tab. It is something that currently cannot be done in any Android browser and that would give users extra security when using private mode.

It is a feature that is currently being seen in the source code of an experimental version of Chrome, so it could take several weeks until it reaches end users. It is possible that if you like the function it will be extended to normal eyelashes no need to go into incognito mode, although this is mere speculation.

Will you use the footprint to protect the google chrome tabs?