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Where to buy good ground coffee?


If you have never bought your ground coffee anywhere other than food stores (especially supermarkets), you will see that a whole new world awaits you! I offer you 3 solutions to buy high quality ground coffee.

Special shops

There are a few big brands that specialize in selling tea and coffee, and sometimes just coffee, for example a coffee brand. Otherwise, whatever your city, you will inevitably find a small shop selling coffee beans or ground.

These shops can give you advice and offer different types of coffee however, be careful with the way the coffee is stored there. Often and in order to please the curious eyes of customers, coffee is presented in large transparent packages and sometimes even worse in open boxes!

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So we think we buy very good coffee, better than what can be found in supermarkets. Sometimes we put a premium on that when it comes to rare plants. However, this would be just a waste of time and money because coffee, no matter how exceptional, will not be able to reveal all its richness in a cup if it is not stored properly.

Ground coffee from roasters

In general, roasters are usually considerate of their products, and therefore will keep each coffee in the best possible condition. If you want to provide yourself with the source, and especially if you have the opportunity, go for it!

In addition to taking care of their coffee, the roasters will also be able to advise you better and you will talk about their different combinations for hours…!

Active shops

Finally, you have another solution that may be more comfortable for some people who live far from special stores or toasters. These are online stores. In addition to being very practical, buying your coffee online gives you access to an almost endless selection of coffee, both from a “single source” (one origin of coffee), as well as a “blend”.

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