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PS Plus in September (PS5 and PS4): These games are free and will expire

PS Plus in September (PS5 and PS4): These games are free and will expire

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PS Plus in September (PS5 and PS4): These games are free and will expire

Sony announced the free games for PS Plus in September.

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Sony is also offering free games on PS Plus in September. What games you can download for your PS4 and PS5 this month.

the Free games to Playstation plus now they know each other. Like every month, you get the September again three games for your PS5 and PS4. However, keep in mind that the games from the previous month will soon be unavailable.

PS Plus in September (PS5 and PS4): These games are available

The following titles will be available on PS-Plus in September available:

  • Predator: Hunting Grounds
    Console: PS4 (PS5 via backward compatibility)
    Genre: Multiplayer-Shooter
  • Hitman 2
    Console: PS4 (PS5 via backward compatibility)
    Genre: Shooter
  • Overcooked: all you can eat
    Consoles: PS5
    Genre: Skill

You can download the games from September 7. Just activate the games. As long as you have an active PS Plus subscription, you can download it.

PS Plus for PS5 and PS4: these games are about to expire

You still have until September 7 to download the August games for your PS5 or PS4. The following games are still available to download until then:

  • Plants vs. Zombies: Schlacht um Neighborville
  • World tennis tour 2
  • Hunter’s Arena: Legends

How much does Playstation Plus cost?

You can choose between three payment options decide. At the end of the period, your PS Plus subscription will continue automatically if you do not cancel it.

  • Monthly payment of 8.99 euros
  • Quarterly payment of 24.99 euros
  • Annual payment of 59.99 euros

What advantages do I have with PS-Plus?

As a PS Plus subscriber: You can play multiplayer games online, get free games and discounts on PlayStation Store. It also has 100 GB of cloud storage.

How do I cancel a PlayStation Plus subscription?

First of all, you need to turn off the automatic renewal of your subscription. You can cancel payments up to 24 hours before the new debit date.

What Happens After I Quit Smoking?

If you cancel your PS Plus subscription, you will no longer be able to play the free games. So it is not possible to play online either. However, you can still use free avatars and games purchased at discounts.

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