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PS5 Restock: the great fall of Amazon

PS5 Restock: the great fall of Amazon

PS5 Restock on Amazon: Good chances today?

Our current update: The Playstation 5 was last available on Amazon on March 30. All customers who >> an Amazon Prime account own had preferential access. The first consoles were already on sale at 9:30 am, but these sold out in no time. If you couldn’t get hold of a console, don’t despair. It’s still exciting!

We are still waiting for a pack replenishment that could be available for the PS5 bundle with Ratchet & Clank. Check current availability regularly.

PS5: another fall of Amazon?

If you want to get your hands on a new Playstation 5, you’ve had to keep your eyes open for weeks, no months, and diligently hunt for deals. Many dealers are trying to replenish their inventory and expect more from Sony. Including, of course, Amazon, which regularly delights its Prime customers with new PS5 consoles every month. So the next console replenishment on Amazon is likely to be here soon!

There is also more evidence of a fall on Saturn. Read all the latest info on PS5 restocking at Saturn here.

PS5 Restock at Media Markt, Saturn, Otto, Alternate and Co.

Rumors are also growing that there will be supplies at OTTO, Media Markt and Co. We will keep you updated and keep an eye on the other retailers as well:


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Get PS5 in a bundle

The pack can also be found hidden in the online store. PS5 with Spider-Man.

He too PS5 Digital Edition you should take a look at it now. Check this page periodically:

The alternatives:

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