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Light with Pixart sensor for 27 euros

Will Xiaomi’s gaming keyboard follow soon? 2 minutes of reading

Xiaomi does not only offer smartphones, wearables or e-scooters, the portfolio also includes devices such as a smart hot air fryer, an air filter or a vacuum cleaner. With the Gaming Mouse Lite, Xiaomi is now trying to gain a foothold in the gaming sector and is launching an attractively priced gaming mouse with colorful lighting and a Pixart sensor.

In recent years, Xiaomi has always had interesting products for gamers. For example, Black Shark smartphones, now brand new in the 5th generation, or a 2K monitor with IPS panel and 165 Hz refresh rate. As the name suggests, the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite is now also a gaming mouse. This should convince above all with the RGB lighting and the low weight.

The mouse is completely grey, but has a stylish accent with the RGB stripe. The design is classic and (sadly) only suitable for the right hand. With a weight of 72 grams However, the rodent doesn’t need to hide from other lightweights, like the 69g Sharkoon Light² 180g or the 74g MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight.

Simple design with a subtle RGB stripe

In addition to the two main buttons in the front area and a smooth mouse wheel (24 grid), there are also two side buttons (on the left). At the bottom there are two sliding feet for smooth use and the PixArt 3327 sensor with up to 6,200 DPI and 220 IPS. The mouse has five available DPI levels: 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and 6200. By the way: Since the mouse IP54 certified Meaning, accidentally spilling your drink and some chip crumbs shouldn’t be a problem for the mouse.

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Inside there is also one based on ARM 32-bit NPX processor, which implements the 1000 Hz sampling rate. The built-in switches come from the manufacturer TTC and are said to have a life expectancy of 80 million operations. The two meter long USB cable has a nylon fabric cover.

The Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite is not yet officially offered by the manufacturer in Germany, but it is already available aliexpress order. There the rodent is currently for almost 27 euros can be ordered, but delivery will take until early May.

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