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Public transport - In four hours of public transport from Gaming to Vienna

Public transport – In four hours of public transport from Gaming to Vienna

New week, new conference in Vienna. Like every Monday, on the agenda there is a trip of almost four hours by bus and train. In order to be in the Vienna conference room in time for the 10am conference start, you need to leave Gaming by 6am A destination shared with me by many students and travelers from rural areas.

A relaxed commute on public transport, which you could use to study or work on your laptop, is more wishful thinking than reality. In the morning rush hour and at lunchtime, you can find yourself squeezed between school backpacks and gym bags of students on the bus. Also on the Erlauftalbahn from Scheibbs to Pöchlarn the search for a seat is usually unsuccessful. Instead, the means of transport are almost deserted at other times of the day. The bus or train is only shared with a few retirees.


Although the purchase of the climate ticket has greatly improved the financial aspect of my daily commute, it still takes me a long time to go from A to B by public transport. Unfortunately, my choice of commuting often falls on the car because it is associated with significantly more flexibility. Both Gaming and Scheibbs only operate hourly public transport into the big city, which sometimes makes using the car unavoidable to save time.

Due to the country life in Gaming, I was never used to anything other than public transportation, which can only take you to the next town every hour. After a few months of everyday student life in Vienna, where public transport runs every minute, you learn to appreciate city life in this sense.

I think we can still be satisfied with the public transport offer available in the area. There is certainly room for improvement in some aspects, but for the sake of the environment, travel by public transport is highly recommended.