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Quest and PC VR games are on sale for the Lunar New Year

Quest and PC VR games are on sale for the Lunar New Year

Several Oculus Quest and PC VR games are on sale this weekend on Steam and Oculus Store for the Lunar New Year. You will need to act quickly if you want to take advantage of these offers.

In this Lunar New Year 2021, PC VR and Oculus Quest have organized a new popular sale, with offers and discounts on various game titles. For fair distribution and availability, this year’s sale has started at the same time in western and eastern countries around the world.

Games on sale at Oculus Store this Lunar New Year

Some items are available as part of a discounted game bundle as is the case with Quest sales during the Lunar New Year. Certain individual tickets also benefit from discounts.

Here are some of the Quest game titles and bundles for sale:

  • No pressure sports package between friends including Topgolf with Pro Putt and Racket: Nx ($ 29.99, 24% reduction)
  • Modern Favoris d’arcade Pack including Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs, Blaston and Mini Motor Racing X ($ 39.99, 19% reduction)
  • Explore, fight, compete! Package includes Moss, Space Pirate Trainer, Wander, and Walkabout Mini Golf ($ 49.99, 15% off)
  • In Death: Unchained, DLC Siege of Heaven inclusive ($ 23.99, 20% off)
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted ($ 22.49, 25% off)
  • Outdoor kitchen ($ 15.99, 20% reduction)

Steam games that will be discounted during this time

For the 2021 Lunar New Year Sale, Steam games on PC VR are officially launched. As with the summer and winter sales, this event offers discounts on many games on sale that can capture the attention of players. These are some of the games available on Steam:

  • Fasmophobia ($ 12.59, 10% reduction)
  • Boneworks ($ 23.99, 10% reduction)
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners ($ 31.99, 20% reduction)
  • Rick et Morty: Virtual Rick-ality ($ 7.49, 75% reduction)
  • Pistol whip ($ 19.99, 20% reduction)
  • Arizona Sun ($ 14.79, 63% reduction)
  • Moss ($ 13.49, 55% reduction)
  • Pavlov VR ($ 17.49, 30% reduction)
  • Superhot VR ($ 14.99, 40% reduction)
  • Skyrim VR ($ 19.79, 67% reduction)
  • The Room VR: A Dark Matter ($ 20.09, 33% reduction)
  • Eleven VR table tennis ($ 9.99, 50% reduction)