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The new Microsoft Office 2021 office suite arrives


Microsoft has announced two future versions of the Office suite, one for regular users and one for business users. Office 2021 will be released later this year, while Office LTSC (Long-term service channel) it will be aimed at systems oriented to companies that cannot maintain a constant connection to the Internet; LTSC systems are sometimes updated less than once a year.

For regular users, Office 2021 will be a simple document management software package that does not require a Microsoft 365 subscription, and will be a one-time-use application package for five years. Like the previous version of these programs, Office 2019, will be for people and small businesses that do not want to have a subscription to Microsoft 365, which enables the use of the Office suite on any device, but requires registration and an Internet connection in the outside. less than every thirty days.

It is not yet known what innovations we will receive with the updated Office applications, but The Verge reports that Office LTSC will have an improved user interface and support for dark mode; similar innovations are expected to prevail in regular versions of Office applications. .

Regarding Office LTSC and its need, Microsoft first explains that this version of the suite has a completely different usage scenario: “It is intended for regulated systems, which in some cases remain without updates for more than a year – devices of control of processes in the manufacturing sector, which are typically not connected to the Internet, and specialized systems with limited Internet access and long-term service. ” The tech giant expects companies to use Office LTSC only in specific scenarios, rather than to distribute this version on all computers in the office.

A Microsoft spokesperson for Microsoft 365 told The Verge that in the last 10 months, a large percentage of users have moved to the cloud and started using Office 365. At the same time, the company is convinced that there are many Customers who for some reason cannot or do not want to work in the cloud and prefer to buy a long-term version of the program knowing that they will not have to worry about anything for the next five years.

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