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Quotes Update: Google Search Trick Just Got Better

Quotes Update: Google Search Trick Just Got Better

Enter a search term, enter, done — just like regular Google search. But there are still some options for a more specific search. Now the company has improved one of its oldest search tricks. Search with quotes becomes smarter.

Find what you are looking for much more precisely on Google

We’ve probably all gotten used to the way Google reacts to us: enter a search term, the first few results are ads, if what you’re looking for isn’t immediately below, we often search again. However, for years, Google has also allowed you to specifically search for terms and phrases that appear on websites by enclosing them in quotes. Now, this search for quotes has improved once again.
Better search with quotes now

Until now, this type of search has been able to direct users to the appropriate websites that mention a specific word or phrase. However, Google did not provide any information on where the text module can be found on the website. That’s where they come in: “The snippets we display in search results (that is, the text you see that describes web content) are built around where a quoted word or phrase appears in a web document,” so the Developer in blog post.

Google emphasizes that this preview cannot always be fed with meaningful content, for example when words or phrases are used in menus. However, ongoing feedback from the community and an analysis of search behavior have shown that making it particularly important to make it easy to identify where cited material is located on a page.

some advices

For anyone who wants to refine their Google search with citations, the company provides some important information:

  • Citation searches can include content that is not readily visible on the page, such as meta description tags, image descriptions, text in the URL, and embedded content from external sites.
  • Even if Google regularly re-records the content of the page, it is possible that the quoted material has been removed in the meantime. Here then bypassing via google cache copy or services like that helps return machine.
  • Google interprets some punctuation marks as spaces. A search for “no no” will return content containing all those letters in this order: no, no, no / no, no – no
  • If multiple citation hits are too far apart, Google selects the entry that appears to be the most relevant for preview.

Infographic: How to search even better with Google!This is how you search with Google even better!

Google, search, quotation marks, quotation marks, quote, punctuation
Google, search, quotation marks, quotation marks, quote, punctuation