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PC in the bathroom: an amateur shows an unusual gaming system

PC in the bathroom: an amateur shows an unusual gaming system

of Norman Wittkopf
There are plenty of case mods for unusual PC cases, but a well-known YouTube channel may have installed a gaming computer in a toilet tank for the first time.

PC in the desktop, PC in the aquarium or PC in Thor’s hammer – you’ve seen all of these somewhere over the years. The “Basically Homeless” YouTube channel has also addressed the issue in the past with a PC in the fridge or a PC in the toaster, among other things, and has now made the most recent version of this unusual guy.

The fact that it all comes together with a wink is probably obvious, and yet it is still an implementation worth seeing, in which the cistern was first converted with a viewing window and a narrow separation of the water inside. so that the hardware does not work. not get wet And of course LED lighting as well as a fan for residual heat should not be missing, while no water cooling was used.

Aside from feasibility and fun, the stated goal was to accommodate a system that could run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and play it on the toilet: among other things, a Geforce RTX 3060 and an Intel Core i7 were used for this: 12700 installed. , while a wall-mounted 240 Hz monitor handles the image output.

As the video shows, there were also obstacles, such as an unexpected leak that could ultimately be fixed with sealant instead of a new design. In the video description, the hobbyist sums up his project as follows: “I know more about plumbing than I ever thought I could. Plus, I never have to stop playing, I can just sit and do the bathroom while I play.” ” An overview of installed hardware was also available on released.

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