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Rainbow Six Mobile: Tactical Shootout Coming to Smartphones


Image: Ubisoft

The Rainbow Six: Siege tactical gaming experience will soon be coming to Android and iOS smartphones in much the same way. The branch called “Mobile” is intended to complement the shooter game on consoles and PC, but not to replace it. Activision is a role model.

In Mobile, too, two teams of five players each will compete against each other. As on other platforms, one team will defend while attacking the other, each using different tools. A trailer shows Siege operators and game mechanics like drones and the destructible environment. Each operator has individual equipment and special skills. There will also be exclusive game modes for mobile devices.

Despite the clear similarities in the maps, where “Bank” and “Border” can be found on mobile devices, gameplay and characters, Ubisoft Mobile “built from the ground up” to be able to bring the core principle of the shooter game to mobile devices. mobiles. This will affect the background technology, but also the much less detailed graphics and, above all, the controls. Since there is often less time for gaming on the go, the length of the sometimes lengthy games will also have been reduced. A closed alpha test is scheduled to begin “in the next few weeks” to drive further development with the help of player feedback.

Do not grow at the expense of the old

Rainbow Six Mobile is given a clear task: it must link “even more people” to the brand. Reinsurance is also part of the announcement. Mobile has been developed by a new independent team for three years, the Siege team will keep all the resources and work endlessly on the shooter. The goal is not to attract players from these platforms to the mobile segment. On the contrary, on the one hand, they want to win new customers, while PC and console users are offered an additional game option to go.

Trendsetter Activision will be the model here: according to quarterly reports, the publisher is celebrating huge success with Call of Duty: Mobile, and the entire segment is also very profitable. It’s still unclear how Ubisoft wants to make money from its rainbow shooter. The options can be estimated, though, because Siege already offers operators and a large number of skins for sale through an in-game store. Something similar can be assumed for the mobile version.

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