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Razer Edge 5G: Razer and Qualcomm are working on a gaming handheld

Razer Edge 5G: Razer and Qualcomm are working on a gaming handheld

After Logitech, Razer also wants to build its own mobile cloud gaming console: Razer has unveiled an Android-based 5G handheld with US mobile communications provider Verizon. A Verizon public relations manager shared a short video on Twitter.

It shows some detailed shots of the gaming controller, which is apparently based on a Qualcomm reference design. Last December, the American company presented together with Razer a kit for developers called Snapdragon G3x, which independent manufacturers can use to build their own mobile consoles with Android.

The development kit and probably the finished Razer console are suitable for running Android games locally, but can also be used to stream PC and console titles in cooperation with cloud services. A Qualcomm prototype has a 6,000 mAh battery and a 120 Hertz OLED panel and a FullHD webcam; It is not yet clear what is in the Razer device. The peripheral manufacturer wants to reveal more information on October 15.

The comparison with the Logitech G Cloud, which was announced last week, is already obvious. The G Cloud runs Android 11. However, compared to a conventional cell phone, the controls are directly integrated: there are two asymmetric control bars to the right and left of the IPS screen, in addition to the four familiar input buttons. of gamepads and a control panel. . There are two side buttons on the left and right on the top of the device.

At 7 inches, the G Cloud screen is as big as the Steam Deck screen. It supports touch and has a classic FullHD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, slightly larger than Valve’s handheld. Logitech specifies the brightness at 450 nits, the refresh rate is 60 Hertz.

In the US, Logitech is offering its G Cloud for $350, and the handheld will be available starting October 17. It is not yet clear if and when Logitech would also like to offer G Cloud in Germany. Until now, Android handheld devices have been made by smaller Chinese manufacturers, while large companies have not yet dared to use an Android mobile console.


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