Mobile games are becoming more and more popular. So that you don’t just have to use your smartphone on the go, more and more companies are offering their own gaming handheld. The Nintendo Switch was the first and now Razer is getting involved.

What can Razer’s Switch alternative do?

The Nintendo Switch is getting slow increasingly serious competition. Razer is now announcing its own mobile console in cooperation with Qualcomm and US mobile communications provider Verizon. It’s called the Razer Edge 5G and it’s designed to enable high-performance gaming on the go (Source: Verizon)

Currently there is not much information about the alternative of the change. Verizon only claims that you can download games and play locally, stream from your console, or play directly through the cloud. This must be done using the 5G ultra-wideband technology of the same name be possible.

The console remembers the Handheld device recently introduced by Logitech, which also relies heavily on cloud gaming. However, the Logitech handheld is there depends on a WiFi connection. Razer would have the upper hand here with 5G support.

Razer Edge 5G is fully revealed at RazerCon

The first teaser in a tweet from a Verizon PR manager only gives a brief preview of the design. The portable device is based on the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Developer Kit from Qualcomm. Based on this, other developers can build their own mobile consoles, as is now the case with the Razer Edge 5G.

A prototype from Qualcomm is equipped with a 6,000 mAh battery, a 120 Hertz OLED panel and a Full HD webcam. the Precise technical details of the Razer handheld not known (source: hot online). More information should only become available during RazerCon on October 15.

It’s also unclear if the Razer Edge 5G will appear worldwide. After all, Verizon operates primarily in the United States. For a German release, Razer and Qualcomm could then with a local cell phone provider team up