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Redditometro, al via consultazione. Lega, FI e M5S contro decreto

Redditometer, at the beginning of the consultation. Lega, FI and M5S against decree

With a press release dated June 10, 2021, the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Economy and Finance announced its intention to submit to public consultation the “scheme of decrees aimed at identifying the inductive content of the elements indicative of the taxable capacity, oriented to the synthetic income of natural persons related to the years from 2016 “.

This is the call Redditometer, a government tool used to combattax evasion.

Redditometer: Mef consultation is underway. What is it and how it works

The Redditometer is a tool designed to combat thetax evasion: thanks to cross-checks between income and expenses activates controls when the latter exceed by a fifth (20%) the income declared by taxpayers.

With the Redditometer they could end up under strict control:

  • consumption, food, beverages, clothing and footwear, housing, energy, furniture, appliances, health, transportation, communications, education, leisure, culture and games;

  • investments, securities and real estate;

  • savings;

  • transportation expenses.

The consultation launched by the Mef, which will end on July 15, 2021, is reserved for the most representative consumer associations, invited to send their contributions.

Meanwhile, the first comments from Lega, Forza Italia and 5 Star Movement.

Redditometro: Lega, Forza Italia and M5s against the new decree

The Redditometer does not seem to be the right idea to fight tax evasion, at least according to Lega, Forza Italia and 5 Star Movement who promise to fight the new decree.

“Today’s Redditometer would be a step backwards, let’s remember that it was shelved in 2018 for very specific reasons: we cannot call on Italians to justify their purchases, their choices, their life, their private sphere,” he declared. Sestino Giacomoni for Forza Italia -. Tax assessments should not take the form of prosecution also because the same Court of Auditors has recognized that the revenue accountant has shown its total uselessness in the category of tools to combat tax evasion. The fight against tax evasion is not fought with the profit accountant but by reducing the tax burden ”.

The deputy of the Northern League is also against the Redditometro Alberto Luigi Gusmeroli, Vice President of the Finance Commission, recalling that “in the last 30 years tax evasion has been combated in the most diverse ways: the Redditometer, the Cortina bombings, the law of handcuffs for tax evaders. They do not work, because they do not intervene in the simplification of the system and the reduction of taxes. That is why in the Tax Reform we focus on two concepts: simplicity and less taxes. This is the only way to promote spontaneous compliance. “

Giovanni Currò del Movimento 5 Stelle affirms that “we are facing an outdated approach: even in the tax commission, the appeals against the Redditometro always win. Today, with this decree in consultation, the spending parameters are changed but the fund does not change ”. “It is appropriate to use other tools.”