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WWE: Registrato il marchio “The Man” legato a Becky Lynch

Registered trademark “The Man” linked to Becky Lynch

A few days ago we reported that WWE had set aside its trademark “Chelsea Green” which belonged to the wrestler who has not been part of the company for months.

Taking a step back, in July, the Stamford company had also registered the brands NIKKIASH, NIKKI ASHE and NIKKI AASH, linked to the superheroine who is currently Raw champion. But obviously wrestling companies register trademarks periodically so that you can earn as much as possible with them and have so much exclusivity that you can be recognized around the world immediately.

“The Man” officially becomes a trademark of WWE

As reported by fellow Fighting selectionOn August 9, 2021, WWE registered the trademark “The Man”, which is now closely linked to Becky Lynch, even though the woman has not appeared on the company’s rings for over a year.

The description given to the record is as follows: “THE MAN trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of toys, that is, action figures, therefore accessories; dolls cases for action figures; toy fighting ring; Game sets for use with action figures; toy vehicles; table games; Portable units for playing electronic games, other than those intended for use with electronic screens or monitors; games of skill, board action; construction toys; playing cards; puzzle; stuffed toys; toy belts; knee and elbow pads for sports use; foam rubber hands; custom skins; masks Christmas tree decorations; toy tops; arcade games; flying kites; dolls with big heads; puppet card games; toy guitars; toy squirt guns; vinyl products for playing in the pool; doll furniture; party cookies and trumpets; skateboards; toy scooter; paper party decorations; collectible champion belts. “

This could be a sign of the fact that with Becky Lynch’s return getting closer and closer, WWE is poised to release a slew of merchandise for young and old that would surely be put to good use on the various stages of the road.