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Robinson Canó showed that he still has value


After a blockbuster deal brings teammates Robinson Cano And Edwin Diaz At the 2018 New York Mets, General Manager Brodi Van Waguénen hoped to help the two players return to the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Sadly, the post-season drought in Queens reached four consecutive seasons, neither of which was able to lead Mets beyond the 2020 regular season. Even if the playoff format was expanded, Van Wargenen could be at a loss this winter as Van Wargenen did not have access to the three additional playoff spots in the National League.

Given that Steve Cohen is expected to take over ownership of the team this offseason, several, including Mets returning to the front office over the next few months with former general manager Sandy Alderson. Very likely to withstand significant changes. While changes are being made to this club, it is argued that they should not remove Kano as a daily second baseman.

Following his inauguration season, which suffered from injuries in Citi Field, Dominican natives were able to stay in the field this season with a lot of success on the plate. The Silver Slugger Award-winning five-time Silver Slugger Award has almost found a way to outproduce the entire 2019 campaign with just 182 at-bats, with almost everyone being surprised by an aggressive explosion. .. This is a really impressive performance.

In just 49 games, Kano hit 10 home runs (3 less than the 2019 total), 30 RBIs (9 less), .228 ISO (.056 higher), .319 BABIP (.039 higher), .376 wOBA (.068). High), 4.9% walking rate (1.0% low), 13.2% strikeout rate (3.1% low), 23.8% LD rate (3.7% high), 46.6% hard hit rate (0.3% high), 141 wRC + Score (51 points higher), 1.3 fWAR rating (0.5 points higher), and .316 (.060 higher) /. 352 (.045 high) /. 544 (.116 high) /. 896 (.160 higher) slash line.

Entering the 38-year-old season in 2021, most experts may think it’s time for eight all-stars to move to part-time roles next season, especially when the designated hitter returns to NL. Hmm. Given his age and long history of injuries, it makes a lot of sense to keep veteran infielders away from his feet throughout most of the 162 game season. But that’s probably not the best for two-time Gold Glove winners.

This may sound insane, but perhaps the fan base isn’t ready to hear this yet, but Mets actually had consistent play time on second base during this condensed 2020 campaign. It was a better team with the earning Kano. Despite the struggle on the field in 2019, the 6-foot infielder was able to bounce very well in the second season with blue pinstripes.

Throughout the 249 1/3 inning, the right-handed fielder made only one error and generated +3 OAA. Third highest Among all qualified second basemen in Major League Baseball.He also produced -4DRS (5th lowest of all second basemen who played at least 200 innings), but former Yankees were 1.7 UZR (5th highest) and 5.8 UZR / 150 (7th-highest). ),according to

In comparison, No. 24 played 804 1/3 innings on second base in 2019, producing -2 OAA, -6 DRS, -0.8 UZR, -1.5 UZR / 150 and committing five different errors. Did. Based on these results, this was one of the worst defensive performances of his career. In particular, his three injuries (quad, hamstring, and foot) had a major impact on his range.

Taking this one step further, Kano’s improved defense when his starting point was at normal depth played a major role in his impressive defense performance in 2020. Located in a location classified as a “straight up”, Mets second baseman helped him play his best and quality throughout the right side of the infield.

This is an image of the performance when Kano lined up at normal depth this season.


As seen above, the 37-year-old worked very well when he was placed on the edge of the grass. Of the 69 balls struck in his direction, Kano was placed straight at 21 of those events, recording +2 OAA in those attempts. This was the highest rating of all four of his defenses.

By comparison, this is an image of last season’s performance when Kano was placed in the same place.


Given his results last season, it is clear that the 2009 World Series champion did not enjoy the same success when he was placed at normal depth, and his defensive results are It was poor. His injuries may have played a major factor in his disappointing show, but he still proved to be a major responsibility on second base and several times to his team due to his inefficiency. It took a run.

Of the 212 balls aimed at him on second base in 2019, Kano lined up straight on those 62, producing a nasty -4 OAA during those attempts. Given that he was known as a Premier Defender early in his career, this type of production wasn’t what Mets expected of him during his first season at Queens.

Fortunately for everyone involved, especially Van Wagenen, the former Mariner redeemed himself for his strong defensive performance this season. It was over a small sample size, but he definitely got another chance to keep his first role on second base for the 2021 campaign.

That said, as a teammate, Kano could have a very short lead next season. Jeff McNeil It may be left out of normal position and ready to take over on second base if needed.Outfielder if Mets wins a full-time center fielder this offseason Brandon Nimmo It could probably move to the left fielder and push the 28-year-old player back into the infield.

Given that Kano is only three years old, has $ 72 million left on his current contract, and has no plans to retire before the contract expires, Mets has a way to get the most out of what veterans have left on their tanks. You need to find out. It seems that the best way to achieve that feat is to keep him on second base, so even if a future Hall of Fame resumes his daily role on the right side of the infield in 2021, he will be shocked. Please do not.

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