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WhatsApp: Update removes the image after the recipient sees it once


WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that gives users the option to automatically delete images, videos, or GIFs once their contacts have seen them.

The upcoming “Expired Media” feature was discovered by independent WhatsApp expert WABetaInfo.

According to WABetaInfo, users can turn this feature on before sending media by tapping the button next to the message box.

When the recipient sees an image, video, or GIF and ends the chat, it disappears forever without leaving any evidence of it.

However, if the recipient has set up the phone to automatically save the photos to the camera roll, the update will not prevent the user from feeling embarrassed.

Expired media is said to arrive in WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.20.2011. It is currently “under development” and has no release date.

WABetaInfo reported last month that WhatsApp is also working on introducing a self-deleting message after a period of one week.

WhatsApp told Mail Online that it would not comment on “speculation” for either feature.

The WABetaInfo screenshot shows the bottom of the WhatsApp messaging interface. Users are said to be able to activate the feature by pressing the button to the left of “Add Caption”. Media sent with this button turned on will automatically disappear without leaving any evidence that it was there after the recipient saw it once and ended the chat.

“WhatsApp has sent a new update through the Google Play beta program to version,” he said. WABetaInfo..

“If the user decides to send expired media (images, videos, GIFs), the media will not appear on the recipient’s phone when the recipient leaves the chat.”

When enabled, WhatsApp users will be given the option to send expired media New next to the message box[期限切れメディア]Tap the button.

“Tap the button to enable this feature on the selected media,” says WABetaInfo.

Once sent, when the recipient displays the image and ends the chat, the image “disappears completely” but a warning message is displayed before the chat ends.

Not all images, videos, or GIFs are automatically deleted[メディアの期限切れ]Only those sent with the button on will be deleted.

Normally, when a WhatsApp user deletes a message, it is replaced with a box that says “This message has been deleted.”

In contrast, deleted media “actually disappears from chat as part of a new feature,” WABetaInfo says without such a box.

WhatsApp users usually have the option to save the photos sent to their smartphone’s camera roll.

WABetaInfo did not mention how such saved photos would be removed from the recipient’s camera roll if this feature was turned on.

The report doesn’t go into details, but added that “expired media is displayed differently in conversations, making it easier for users to understand that images are expiring.”

Screen captures by WABetaInfo are alleged to indicate expired message functionality. This allows WhatsApp users to hide their messages after a week.

Screen captures by WABetaInfo are alleged to indicate expired message functionality. This allows WhatsApp users to hide their messages after a week.

A Facebook-owned chat platform spokesperson told Mail Online that the report is “another story from WABeta Info that we haven’t commented on.”

However, the ability to view messages and media only temporarily is considered another way Facebook-owned chat platforms can emulate Snapchat.

In August, WABetaInfo elaborated on the potential.Expired message function, This will allow the user to choose to delete the message themselves after 7 days.

“Expired messages are one of the biggest messages available on WhatsApp in the future,” he said.

“[WhatsApp is] We are working on it internally and are improving the functionality in the bug fix process.

All users can turn expired messages on and off in chat, but in a group, only group admins can turn options on and off.

The report states that messages sent and received when this feature is disabled are unaffected.

WhatsApp repeated its commitment to user privacy and encrypted messages in February

WhatsApp repeated its commitment to user privacy and encrypted messages in February

Expired messages will continue to be encrypted end-to-end. That is, no one other than the sender and recipient can read the message.

According to WhatsApp, which Facebook purchased for about $ 19 billion in 2014, all private messages sent using WhatsApp are protected by end-to-end encryption by default.

It acts like an “unbreakable digital lock” that keeps the content of the message secure and invisible to anyone but the sender and recipient.

WhatsApp revealed in February that more than a quarter of the world’s population, 2 billion people, use messaging services.

The platform celebrated an impressive milestone by Repeat user privacy efforts Encrypted message.

End-to-end encryption: Only two users of the conversation can read the message

End-to-end encryption allows only two participants in a chat to read a message, while no one can read it, even the company that owns the service.

End-to-end encryption is intended to prevent data from being read or secretly modified when it is being transferred between two parties.

The encryption key needed to access the service is automatically provided to only two people in each conversation.

The decrypted format allows third parties to access the message. This allows the government to intercept the message for law enforcement reasons.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is already encrypted, and Mark Zuckerberg is trying to do the same with Facebook Senger and Instagram Direct.

Privacy standards are controversial, but last year the British children’s charity NSPCC FFacebook’s plan to encrypt messages will turn the website into a “one-stop grooming shop” for pedophiles.

Charity bosses are concerned that Zuckerberg’s postponement of plans to enhance privacy protection can make it much harder to detect criminal activity across the site.

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