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Robotik im Alltag: Vom Saugroboter zum Haushaltsandroiden?

Robotics in everyday life: from vacuum robots to domestic androids?

How do you feel about using AI supported robotics in all the days of life? Is a development from a dust robot to a home android desirable and should these systems work independently or be tied to one manufacturer? Technical and ethical issues are inevitably linked to today’s Sunday question.

Robotics in everyday life

Robotics in everyday life in 2022 is still generally limited to comparatively simple robot vacuum cleaners and robotic mops for the home or robotic lawn mowers for home garden maintenance. But how far is the road to android for everyone? Is that a worthwhile goal?

What should a robot be able to do in the home? (Image: Kindel Media via Pexels, CC0 1.0)

Today’s Sunday questions are from ComputerBase readers Gold button conceived and addressed as an idea by him to the editors, who would like to thank you very much for the suggestion and support.

With this issue, a Sunday question from the ComputerBase forum community comes into play for the first time, with more to follow in the future.

Are you interested in robotics in everyday life?

What is your opinion on the subject of robotics for civil use in everyday life? Are you interested in this topic and should ComputerBase report more on it?

Surely there is one or another concern to the Skynet or I robotbut the various videos on the possible use of robotics and artificial intelligence in everyday life, for example by boston dynamics, it can certainly provoke amazement. The progress made in this area in recent years is impressive.

Do you already have a domestic robot in use?

However, the results, some of which are very impressive, are still largely produced in carefully prepared laboratory conditions, while simple robot vacuums and mops are still used in everyday life. Are you already using one of these home robots or planning to buy one?

Today’s home robots mainly fall into the categories of robot vacuums, mops, and lawn mowers. Which one(s) do you own?

Classical hardware manufacturers have also recognized that the field of robotics is advancing by leaps and bounds and consequently requires more performance.

Nvidia’s Jetson AGX Orin development tools with Ampere and Jetson Nano GPUs are also targeting this area, but where will that lead in the future?

From robot vacuum cleaner to domestic android?

Today, they are purely domestic robots that make everyday life easier for people and free them from simple tasks such as housework and gardening. In the future, self-sufficient or networked home androids could do much more, but is this development worth fighting for?

A robot caregiver in old age?

Let’s go one step further: could nursing robots eventually fill the void left by a shortage of skilled nursing workers? Is that a conceivable scenario for you? Would you want a robot caregiver in old age?

Participation is expressly desired

The editors would be very happy to receive well-founded and detailed reasons for their decisions in the comments on the current question on Sunday. If you have completely different favorites, write it in the comments.

Readers who have not yet participated in the last questions on Sunday can do so. Exciting discussions are still taking place on the ComputerBase forum, especially regarding the latest polls.

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Do you have ideas for an interesting Sunday question? Editors are always happy to receive suggestions and submissions.

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