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Rocket League, free for iOS and Android starting today in a new version

Rocket League, free for iOS and Android starting today in a new version

Rocket league was one of the first great independent phenomena to be remembered in the history of video games, hand-tied with PlayStation for more.

In fact, the title made its debut within the newborn show of free games from Playstation plus, an unprecedented experiment at the time and that gave very good results.

After years of stellar sales and successes, Rocket league it has also become free to play reaching a new record of active users simultaneously.

And given the success not even PlayStation 5 could have let it slip away, which received a version designed specifically for the new generation of PlayStation.

From now on Rocket league it’s also free on iOS and Android, because the new version is finally available sports game designed for smartphones and tablets.

Is named Rocket League side scrolling, and now you can download it of the relevant pages of the App Store (who) e Google Play (who). The title was announced last March and is available today.

In the title the players will go out onto the field to face each other. new perspective on 1v1 or 2v2 games. Each game will be very fast, will last 2 minutes each, and you will be able to play with close friends or with those who are further away thanks to the online mode.

Rocket League side scrolling obviously has gods controls for mobile devices. Also, as in Rocket league, there will be advanced mechanics for those who wish to scale the competitive levels.

Unfortunately no option to import your progress, as well as the items unlocked in the original title, why Sideswipe in fact, it is a completely new title in this regard.

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As you can see in the trailer above, this is about a completely revised gaming experienceespecially for smartphones and tablets.

Talking about free games coming soon, PlayStation 5 is getting a new free game very soon, have you seen it?

Another free game instead it appeared, beforehand, also within the Xbox Game Pass: that’s what it is.

In the mobile gaming world, on the other hand, a major award was awarded to Pokémon Unite, what is the game of the year according to Google.

Rocket League side scrolling it is also excellent in new Samsung Galaxy M32, in super offer your Amazon!