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Thief beats a woman to assault her in Iztacalco

Thief beats a woman to assault her in Iztacalco

At the beginning of this week the moment in which a thief assaults a woman to strip her of her belongings on the streets of the mayor’s office Iztacalco, CDMX.

The events occurred on November 25 at approximately 6:24 a.m. when a woman She was walking down a street alone until she came across a subject without imagining that he would assault her meters later when she was walking through the area of ​​the Carlos Zapata Vela neighborhood.

Man beats woman to assault her

Seconds later, the subject turns around and begins to run in the direction of the woman; The video shows the moment in which the thief pulls the woman to steal your belongings.

The woman resists being mugged, until the thief he gives it a strong pull and ends up throwing it on the floor; Regardless of whether the woman began to scream, the subject managed to take her belongings from the woman and fled, as shown in the video uploaded to social networks by multiple users.

The woman He rejoined and continued on his way without turning around and so far it is unknown if he filed a complaint for the crime of which he was a victim.

Network users demand greater security in Iztacalco

After the video captured by the security camera of one of the adjoining shops, was published on social networks, hundreds of users showed their outrage at the impunity in which the thief fled the scene between the streets of the mayor’s office Iztacalco.

In the same sense, they demanded that the authorities strengthen security in said mayor’s office to prevent a greater number of violent assaults such as that committed by a thief against bliss woman in streets of Iztacalco.

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