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Roguelike RPG "Star Assault Squad" officially launches as Star Ranger to explore the vast sea of ​​stars "Across the Star Arc" -Bahamut

Roguelike RPG “Star Assault Squad” officially launches as Star Ranger to explore the vast sea of ​​stars “Across the Star Arc” -Bahamut

LTgames announced “Star Assault Team“Online today, players will reach the vast sea of ​​stars, play with an extraordinary ranger, travel between planets, experience random and exciting adventures again and again. The official said that during the pre-registration stage, he has exceeded 500,000 appointments and will give away premium purple weapons, coin star diamonds, Death Shadow series gear, and legendary gear boxes.

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Introduction to the game

Star Assault Team》 It’s an interstellar adventure roguelike RPG. The gameplay is updated on the basis of the traditional roguelike, adding more random elements (can you pass the level by rolling the dice?!). The game follows the previous work “Underground castle 2 “foggy exploration environment brings more mystery to interstellar adventure.

background story

It all started with an air disaster for which no one knew the reason. You lost your memory and landed on this earth. After a short adaptation, you will guide interstellar pirates, mechanics and other partners through the vast sea of ​​stars, using weapons and super abilities, accept all kinds of complicated commissions, earn wealth and prestige, embark on exciting adventures and make a name for yourself in the world. universe.

Game features

Random events

The dark tide rises in the mysterious space. You will meet all kinds of creatures and you will be faced with many options. It’s a surprise? Or a trap? The development of the story is always unexpected, but remember, there is always more than one way to solve the problem. In this interstellar adventure Roguelike game, the randomness is updated once again. Luck, strength, and judgment are equally important!


Recruit and develop partners

Go to the tavern in the depths of the universe, where all kinds of rangers gathered. Meet and gather the explorers you love, convince them to join your team as partners, build weapons and equipment for them, and choose the right career development direction for them across the top five career systems. According to your favorite fighting style, form your own star expedition team!


Strategy wins by surprise

Your spaceship can only carry four crew members each time it sails. Please match the lineup reasonably to deal with different crises. Depending on the destination of each expedition, select rangers of different professions from dozens of partners, and select the most suitable and compatible combination among dozens of skills for them, so that the team of four people from each expedition can shine in turns. battles!


Explore unknown galaxies

When you reach the vast sea of ​​stars, each planet has its own laws of survival, when you step on the land of a certain planet, the gears of destiny begin to turn. With the landing point of the spaceship as the center, you will explore each place here step by step and discover the secrets of each planet. Do you want to know what is happening in space now? Get on board and explore!


Challenge epic enemies

Call the strongest partner, bring the most powerful weapons, challenge the space powers and take the treasures of all the planets! Exciting duel, challenge endless possibilities and gain the greatest sense of achievement at once! In this extra-legal place where there is no order or justice, the rules are defined by you!

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