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Rufus: Fido is currently having trouble downloading the ISO;  an error message appears [Update: Problem gelöst]

Rufus: Fido is at the moment possessing trouble downloading the ISO an mistake information seems [Update: Problem gelöst]

Fido is a PowerShell script utilized in Rufus (recent version 3.20) to download Windows ISOs right. If you might be at present having an error information, it is really most likely that Microsoft has changed a little something.

It is presently not attainable to down load an ISO as a result of Rufus, no matter of whether it is Windows 8, 10 or 11. Pete Batard has just supplied an update to Fido 1.30 which exhibits this error concept. As he writes: “It seems that Microsoft deliberately shut down their down load servers to be hostile to our script, and hoping to rectify this will probably just take a prolonged time…”

As very long as Rufus can nonetheless be applied if you have an ISO. Even so, the download is not attainable. You can obtain the approach for this in this article on GitHub. If you’re searching for Windows 10 or Home windows 11, you can expect to find it as standard on the ideal sidebar underneath Downloads.

[Update 14.08.2022]: That was now, but more quickly than expected. With Fido 1.31 the challenge was solved with the help of @williambulin. Rufus or Fido can now obtain the ISOs for Windows 8.x, Windows 10 and Windows 11 all over again. So you just require to get started Rufus and the update really should be integrated.