Samsung always comes up with new ideas to make smartphones more interesting. Until now, this was more the case with flip phones, which are causing a stir but are not yet as popular as classic cell phones. Samsung could now significantly update the latter with an innovative idea.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung is developing smartphones with a transparent rear screen

Normal smartphones have a screen on the front that can be used to operate the device. This is also the case for Samsung. However, the South Korean company is considering a new idea: the back of a normal smartphone should become more useful. Xiaomi has already tested this with the Mi 11 Ultra with a small screen. But Samsung would like to go a different way and in the Put a transparent screen on the back. The content would only be displayed if you really need it:

Samsung is working on a smartphone with a transparent screen on the back. (Image source: WIPO)

For example, if you don’t want to use the front camera for a selfie, but the main camera on the back, you should a small thumbnail will appear next to the main camera and it could activate the camera at the bottom or switch to a different sensor. If you put your phone on the screen, the notifications could be displayed on the back. If nothing happens, you won’t even notice that there’s a screen on the back. The possibilities are multiple.

Samsung recently introduced new foldable phones:

Samsung’s idea is not entirely new

Manufacturers like ZTE o Xiaomi already had similar ideas with screens on the back of smartphones. That Huawei Mate Xs 2 (Review) it also folds out so it can also be operated from behind if you want to use the main camera to take pictures. An added value is already recognizable. If Samsung’s transparent screen supports even more features and doesn’t consume too much power unnecessarily, it would be a nice unique selling point. Purely by drawing design, the smartphone would most likely be a Galaxy S23 Ultra or Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, we don’t know if the patent will ever be implemented.

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