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SCUF Instinct and SCUF Instinct Pro, customizable wireless controllers for Xbox Series X |  S

SCUF Instinct and SCUF Instinct Pro, customizable wireless controllers for Xbox Series X | S

SCUF Gaming Launches Two New Wireless Controllers, Dedicated to Xbox Series X | S: SCUF Instinct and SCUF Instinct Pro have interchangeable shells, button mapping, rear control, and various handles. In Italy respectively € 179 and € 209.

SCUF Instinct and SCUF Instinct Pro are two high-performance wireless controllers specifically designed for Xbox Series X | S. Both models include: four built-in functions of back control (pallette), three different button remapping profiles, a sophisticated ergonomic shape designed to offer optimized control and accommodate a wide variety of handles, numerous customization possibilities to meet the needs of every enthusiast, including interchangeable housings, analog buttons and directional controls.

SCUF Instinct Pro is also equipped with i new instant triggers that allow all players to choose between an instant action or a standard action simply by flipping a switch. Instant triggers reduce your range of motion and fire immediately, returning a one-touch response typical of mouse keys – ideal for fast-paced shooters. Thanks to the new controller design, you can always go back to standard trigger feedback by adjusting the switch again, so you’re ready to compete in your favorite racing game. Instinct Pro also provides a high performance handle.

SCUF Instinct

Today’s gamers aren’t focused on just one game, franchise, or genre, that’s why the Instinct models offer integrated remapable profiles, which can be activated intuitively at the push of a button – a first from SCUF. Palette profiles allow you to easily adjust your controller settings and save them for later use in different games, without the need to interrupt the game or use third-party remapping tools or applications.

  • SCUF Instinct
  • SCUF Instinct

Instinct controllers can also be customized using the configurator on SCUF website to offer a variety of style combinations. Choose from the wide variety of shells, buttons and colors to create the perfect combination to suit your personal style. Every detail and feature of the Instinct models has been carefully crafted and designed to offer an incomparable gaming experience, capable of adapting to any taste and style of play.

SCUF Instinct Pro

Compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices, SCUF Instinct is available from € 179.99 weather SCUF Instinct Pro from € 209.99. Both are currently available exclusively on the SCUF Gaming website.