Call of Duty: Mobile: Escape From Tokyo Season 3 kicked off today, Saturday, April 17 at 2am to awaken the Samurai Code. The most honorable players can fight their way through swords and stones, try out the season’s new multiplayer mode, or fight their battles on two new maps: Oasis and Coastal.

Players looking for more than one katana can earn two new epic weapons: the PP19 Bizon – Yokai or the QXR – Searing Sun. Additionally, there are 50 tiers packed with rewards in the Season’s Battle Pass, including samurai characters, weapons, and more, according to the associated press release.

Highlights for Android and iOS

  • New maps – Two new multiplayer maps make their Call of Duty: Mobile debuts:
    • Oasis – Oasis, first introduced in Modern Warfare 3, is set in a luxury hotel in the desert this season.
    • Coastal – A completely new map only for Call of Duty: Mobile and specially designed for search and destroy mode.
  • New Battle Royale Updates – Season 3 also brings a new Operator and BR skill class.
    • Operator skill – Bull Attack: A Deployment Shield Skill that can be obtained at Tier 14 in the Season 3 Battle Pass.
    • BR class To explore – The new Battle Royale class will be featured in its own special event during the season.
  • “Night Mode 2.0”: Optimized versions of Night Mode are available for a short time (April 22-28).
  • “Swords & Stones” – Available for a short time (May 6-12), this mode focuses on the essentials and only allows melee weapons in open competition.
      • The new mode includes airdrops, including the Shadow Blade ability, the Molotov Cocktail Scots streak, and more.
  • Special event – The Warrior’s Path Samurai event starts on April 29 and allows players to join Five Knights or UAC to complete daily missions and earn rewards in MP or BR mode. The winner gets everything here if the faction with the most points earned takes control of a node on the map.

From the beginning of the season, players can also look forward to new seasonal challenges, giveaways, bundles, and more in the store.

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