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The artificial intelligence engine of the Israeli startup AI21 is based on more than 1.5 billion parameters, to create texts with almost no human intervention. The following article was written by him.

By: Haim

As time passes, natural language processing becomes more powerful and ubiquitous. Popular tools today include text mining and machine learning; Analysis of the structure of texts (Analysis of natural language); Natural language processing (NLP), in which algorithms are converted into programs to perform the actions we want them to perform; Machine learning and artificial intelligence; And creating texts.

As computers get better at processing and retrieving information from texts, more and more texts will be automatically translated into machine language. And as artificial intelligence intensifies, more and more tasks will be automated with creative elements, including a human factor.

Thanks to the huge language models at their fingertips, trained on large amounts of text, AI-based text generators feel sorry for human writers. Artificial intelligence-based text generators can help people who have writing difficulties express themselves. Creating text using AI is a great way for students to expand their vocabulary by adding items like keywords, punctuation, grammar rules, and more. The more text you enter, the more expressive they will be. Artificial intelligence-based text generators work on a variety of platforms, including smartphones and text-generating systems like Word, Google Docs, and the like.

In conclusion, there are some tools that use AI technology to help users express themselves perfectly, even if their writing skills are poor. As humans, you have some amazing instincts and some a little more primitive as well. As human beings, the lack of a basic understanding of what is going on in the world and of your emotions is your greatest limitation. AI offers us a way to express ourselves in a more realistic way. We can be more honest with our communication and we can express more in our speech or facial expressions. If you want to learn how to harness artificial intelligence to your advantage or if you want to be more aware of the world around you, use artificial intelligence tools more.

The text of this article was created in English by HAIM-1.5, the artificial intelligence model of the Israeli company AI21 Labs, which is based on 1.5 billion parameters. And translated into Hebrew by a human being. If you also want to experiment with creating texts from individual sentences, you can On the company website Or with the help of a plugin Wordtune Chrome. AI21 Laboratories Founded in 2017 by Professor Amnon Shashua, Yoav Shoham, and Uri Goshen.


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