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Secretly examine WhatsApp messages on your Iphone


You can use a trick if you don’t want the other particular person to instantly see the blue ticks.

If you have acquired a new WhatsApp information from acquaintances, close friends or family, you experience a predicament in some situations: you do not have time to react effectively to the other person, you nevertheless want to study the concept. The difficulty with this is that the man or woman you are talking to is demonstrated blue ticks when the information is read, so they know that the information has arrived and been opened and it might be annoyed that the other man or woman does not reply instantly . So what to do

In iOS there are various approaches to read messages, even obtain sent photographs, without having WhatsApp getting to display blue marks.

This is not how it works

If you have activated WhatsApp messages on your Apple Observe, you can reply to them on your smartwatch. But the application sees this as an open up message, and the other man or woman displays blue ticks accordingly. Having said that, if you only saw the concept and did not reply to it, the information will be shipped to the other person, but it has not however been go through, that is, it will be marked with two gray marks.

Here’s how it performs: Possibility 1

On iOS, you can go through received WhatsApp messages in their entirety, down load images that have been despatched, open forwarded one-way links, and even reply to messages your interlocutor will not see a blue mark however. The easy trick in this article: it does it by means of the messages that iOS sends with every single new concept. So if you have received a new concept, you do not change right to WhatsApp, but you push and maintain the banner of the new message. IOS features an selection to remedy this right away. Once you have been given an image, you can down load and perspective it. If a url is copied in the concept, you can confidently simply click on it and be forwarded to the corresponding app, the concept is however categorized as sent and not yet classified as read through.

If you received a new WhatsApp message, press and hold the notification on the lock screen.  Hide an option to reply.  However, the other party does not see any blue marks.


If you acquired a new WhatsApp information, press and hold the notification on the lock display screen. Hide an selection to reply. Having said that, the other get together does not see any blue marks.

You can even download images and reply to them in the same way.  On the opposite side, only gray hooks can be seen.


You can even obtain images and reply to them in the same way. On the opposite aspect, only grey hooks can be noticed.

Here is how it performs: Solution 2

The preview of the messages can also be shown directly on WhatsApp. Just switch to the chat overview and very long press the freshly arrived message – the app also shows a preview of gained messages. The draw back below: you cannot reply to messages.

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