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Top 10 Reasons to Use Flutter for your Next App


In case you are interested whether Flutter is the best software and whether your company would benefit from it, this guide will be beneficial. Regardless of whether you are a technical manager or work in another department, aimed at making successful technical arrangements in your staff, this article will be useful for you. These perks are the reason why most devs choose to work with this software. 

So what is Flutter? 

Flutter is a convenient and modern dev package for deving mobile applications, made by the Google company and issued not so long ago. Strictly speaking, you can dev your mobile app with one massive code with the help of Flutter. It implies that you have to work with one language and database for creating apps for both iOS and Android. Because of the native Android dev, Flutter is a cross-platform instrument for deving applications. For example, when managers have a Flutter vs. React Native debate, the first one often wins because of pertaining to cross-platform development. 

So what makes Flutter better?

We presented all the clues why you want to use Flutter for creating a new project: 

1. Quick learning process

Flutter is a modern platform. It will make you work with applications faster. If you’re using Java, Swift, or React Native, know that Flutter is one of a kind. Here, you can write applications without using bulks of code.

2. Instant compiling that guarantees  maximum productivity

With the help of Flutter, you are free to receive the real-time results and instantly get a warranty that the job was not done in vain. This feature is named Hot-Reload. It doesn’t take much time to update the app itself.  Some minor modifications can reload the app, but if you work as a designer, changing the size of certain elements, is easily doable in Hot-Reload mode.

3. It’s perfect for MVP

 If you need to get the product and present it to the investor ASAP, Flutter what is the best way to go.

4. A friendly supportive community

Flutter has a team of gold, and that’s only for starters. People who get their knowledge and exchange it with other team members will love the potential with lots of background.

5. Android Studio and VS Code  support

Flutter works with various IDE. These two code editors are developed with the help of Android Studio (IntelliJ) and VS Code technologies. Android Studio is an independent program where everything is already integrated. You need to get Flutter and Dart on your computer to start working with it. VS Code is a simple and instrument where every spec is configured with marketplace plugins. Android Studio lets you avoid toggling many parameters for work. The coolest thing is that you can on independently choose a preferable IDE environment.

6. Freelance

 If you plan to begin with freelance, you can choose Flutter.  Many people want to find devs in this sphere.  The best platform for freelancers in France named Malt came up with technical tendencies. According to it, Flutter’s interest increased by 303%  on this platform between 2018 and 2019.

7. The same user interface and business logic for every platform

 This rendering process facilitates application dev that looks native on any platform. But, as usual, the devil is in the details. Thus, Flutter doesn’t need any user interface components for a certain platform.
8. Increased time to market

Flutter framework works faster than its alternatives. In most cases, you can expect Flutter to use less time comparing two apps separately for Android and iOS.

9. Flutter looks like a Native app when it comes to performance

Design companies like Fireart Studio choose Flutter as it does not need any quick representations or code interpretations.

10. User animated interface of any complexity

One of Flutter’s biggest advantages is the ability to customize whatever you see on the screen, no matter how difficult it is.

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