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Security forces: Palestinian arrested for robbery of a villa

Security forces: Palestinian arrested for robbery of a villa

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following statement: “The Shahim faction of the regional gendarmerie unit received a complaint about the complaint of a citizen against an unknown person for the crime of robbery of the town of his brother in the town of Mazboud.

Through the investigations and investigations carried out by the members of the platoon, the identity of the suspect was identified, who was hiding in the Ein El-Hilweh camp, his name is MA. (born 1999, Palestinian).

On 10/13/2021, after monitoring and follow-up operations, the members of the platoon arrested him in the aforementioned town after luring him there, and he was found in possession of 1 / g. of cannabis.

When questioned, he confessed to having robbed the villa on 09/06/2021 for the second time, after robbing it in 2018. He also added that he stole electrical appliances, industrial equipment, 2 computers, a cell phone and passports. ..

The stolen items were returned to the plaintiff after they were seized from his home where he was hiding within the camp. The detainee was admitted to the Central Anti-Narcotics Office of the Judicial Police Unit, based on a reference from the competent Judicial Power.

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