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Sega’s new mobile RPG Sin Chronicle


After teasing us for a while, Sega today he revealed his next mobile role-playing game, Sin Chronicle. A game that puts the decisions of the players in the foreground.

Highlights of Tokyo Game Show 2021 Sega will undoubtedly have been the revelation of Sin Chronicle, its new mobile RPG. The game aims to confront players with unique situations that will be the direct consequences of their choices. Like many mobile games, Sin Chronicle will be free to download, but will include in-app purchases. Available as of December 15 in Japan, we currently have no information on a possible release in Europe.

According to its designer Jun Matsunaga, Sin Chronicle is positioned as the successor to Chronic chain, a huge mobile hit in Japan released in 2013 and later adapted to the PlayStation Vita. He explains that this new game aims to be accessible even to those who could not try Chain Chronicle, whose international version closed its doors in 2016.

Matsunaga specifies that the central point of Sin Chronicle is its system of choice: the decision of each player will be decisive and irrevocable. In fact, it will not be possible to go back because the game server will automatically save our actions. Matsunaga promises that each chapter, which will last approximately 10 hours, will end with a “final choice.”

To illustrate his point, Matsunaga introduced two female characters that the main protagonist will meet at the start of the game, both of whom will join us and can potentially become important characters. But at some point the players will have to choose one of them. Obviously, our team members will have an impact on the story, so a decision like this is sure to affect the events to come. By offering such a set of options throughout the adventure, Matsunaga is convinced that each game will be unique.

During a game demo, Taito Ban, the voice actor for the main character, showed us a bit more. We discover 3D graphics and art direction in pure JRPG style. Sliding our finger across the screen allows us to move our characters on the map. We note that the choices to be made are not only expressed during the dialogues, but also by the paths we decide to take.

Hitting an enemy triggers a fight. We can attack the enemies directly on the map so that they suffer damage from the beginning of the confrontation. The fights are turn-based but we can move our characters dynamically around the battlefield. However, their positions can make them vulnerable if we leave them too close to enemies. The actions that can be performed each turn are limited in number. Finally, exponential damage can be generated by the chain of attacks from our different characters.

An MVP will be selected at the end of the battle according to the results obtained, which will affect the relationships between the characters. Also, the campfire scenes will be an opportunity to make friends with our partners.

Promising what has been shown to us, we can only hope to see the game land here, in a translated version.

Maxime coppens is a humble writer for IGN France, who has yet to figure out what to sign.

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