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ارسلها إلى 18 شخصا حتى لا يتوقف حسابك.. حقيقة رسالة واتساب بعد تحديث الشروط

Send it to 18 people so your account is not suspended. The truth of the WhatsApp message b

08:26 p. M.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

Recently, the WhatsApp group has spread a message asking users of the application to copy the text of this message and send it to 18 people, otherwise your account on WhatsApp will be stopped.

The letter alleges that it was issued by WhatsApp itself.

In fact, WhatsApp has repeatedly warned on its official website not to fall for these messages, saying that their senders were intent on trolling, spying, or luring the user into a specific act.

WhatsApp advised users of the application to ignore these messages entirely or to report their sources.

The instant messaging application “WhatsApp” announced a few days ago, a new update of the terms and privacy policy, which allows it to share more data of its 2,200 million users around the world, with the company “Facebook”, owner of the application, in addition to allocating space for ads.

The new step put WhatsApp in the spotlight of criticism, and it was rejected by users of social networks, who violated it in violation of privacy, while the company claimed that users must accept the privacy policy, and in case of rejection, users will be prevented from using their accounts, from the eighth. Starting next February.

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