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SHAME OF THE HOST AT THE BEGINNING OF THE “PUZZLE”: No one in the studio expected what he said in front of the camera! PHOTO

An unusual moment in a popular contest.

Source: RTS1 / Printscreen

At the beginning of the popular contest “Puzzle“An unusual situation occurred.

Presenter Marija Veljković received a compliment from contestant Oliver Vuković, who took the opportunity before the start of the show and told her that she has the most beautiful eyes.

“Before I tell you anything, I want to give you a compliment that comes from my wife for you, and that is that you are a woman with the most beautiful eyes in the world,” said the contestant, which surprised the host, and she was grateful with a smile.

“Oh thank you, greetings to my wife,” she replied.

“When a woman gives a woman a compliment, then it’s the right thing to do, I can only agree,” added the contestant, and embellished the beginning of the questionnaire, and then “gave myself” to solve it.

“Thank you very much,” Maria thanked him once more.

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