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Xiaomi will soon launch the Mi Notebook Pro X with Nvidia GPU

In these hours Xiaomi has announced that it will be marketed in June the new Mi Notebook Pro X. It is a high-end laptop that, among other things, will be able to count on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU.

Thanks to this GPU, the My Notebook Pro X it will be a perfect game machine that will make the fans happy. In fact, the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti is one of the latest graphics cards released by Nvidia and guarantees phenomenal performance.

What’s more, GPU actively supports Ray Tracing and DLSS technology that allow you to make the graphics of the games to the limit of photorealism. We can wait for the video card that will be equipped in the Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Pro X will have 4GB of VRAM in the GDDR6 version.

Xiaomi is working with NVIDIA to make a gaming laptop

In support of the Nvidia GPU, the Xiaomi laptop will also have a 10th generation Intel processor. However, the arrival of a variant characterized by AMD hardware cannot be ruled out. In fact, a version of the My Notebook Pro X with SoC Ryzen 5000 e GPU Radeon RX.

Such configuration will not have any kind of problem supports all the latest titles. It is estimated that even the most demanding and resource-hungry games will be able to run in FullHD resolution with all video details set to maximum.

The device will surely be able to count on an SSD storage system and approximately 16 GB of RAM. At the moment, Xiaomi has not communicated the official technical specifications. It only remains to wait for more details about what will not be long in coming.

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