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Shopify App Store Declares "Zero Sales Commissions Up To The First 100 Million Yen" - GIGAZINE

Shopify App Store Declares “Zero Sales Commissions Up To The First 100 Million Yen” – GIGAZINE

It is an app store where app developers can expand their activities, but high sales commission is usually a problem.App storeORAmazon App StoreAll of them are showing a move to reduce sales commissions.Meanwhile, it is also known as an EC siteShopifyThe app store announced that it will not charge a commission for the first $ 1 million of sales.

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Shopify, which is expanding its business around the world as an EC site alongside Amazon, is the companyApp storeHe announced that as of August 1, 2021, the first $ 1 million in sales will not be commissioned. A sales commission of 15%, reduced from the 20% previously imposed, will be charged for the amount in excess of $ 1 million, but the “first million dollar” standard will be reinstated each year. In addition, this mechanism handles the template that the seller establishes in the store.Thematic shopIt is said that a standard of $ 1 million will be set separately from the app store.

Shopify says “Shopify partnerIn 2020 alone, the developer who works as a company generated revenues of 12.5 billion dollars (about 1.4 trillion yen), an increase of 84% over the previous year ”, emphasized the profitability of the app store . He added that more than 1.7 million vendors around the world are using the theme, citing the advantage that developers meeting diverse needs have more opportunities to play an active role than ever before.

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App sales commissions are “too high” on various platformsCriticism voiceDue to the fact thatGoogle Play StoreAnd the App Store has announced that it will set a 15% commission for sales under $ 1 million, and the Amazon Appstore has conditionally reduced the commission to 20%. Under these circumstances, Shopify set its own fee and it turned out that it will take a route that sets it apart from other companies.

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