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Signal offers new features for iOS and Android

Signal offers new features for iOS and Android

Signal secure messaging has received some improvements in its new version 5.36. In addition to the new emojis, there are also changes to group calls and sending videos.

The WhatsApp Signal alternative arrives in its current version 5.36 with numerous improvements for both Android and iOS. The changes are not the same for both platforms.

  • What’s new in Android?

As the developers announce in the footnotes of the Google Play Store, they have updated the version of their Messenger for Android to Unicode 14.0. With that comes 37 new emojis, including pregnant man emoji and melted face emoji.

There are also changes in calls through Messenger. So-called audio indicators now show who is currently speaking. These indicators are points that undulate around the speaker or noisemaker. This feature can be useful for group calls if, for example, a user can hear disturbing background noise or an echo.

  • What is changing in iOS?

The messenger developers have also added new features for Signal users on iOS. One of them concerns the ability to send videos in a conversation. Before the user submits a clip, they can now see the length of the video.

Another new feature is the ability to receive a donation receipt through Messenger. However, this only applies to future payments. The organization behind the service is not for profit, so donations to the Signal Technology Foundation are tax deductible. Previously, it was only possible to receive donation receipts by email.