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Signal publishes a step-by-step video guide to transfer WhatsApp groups to you

The messaging application “Signal” topped the list of the most downloaded applications in several countries, such as Germany and India, as the application “WhatsApp” announced its intention to share more data with Facebook.

The app announced that its voice phone calls will allow 8 participants to host simultaneously instead of 5, as part of several steps aimed at benefiting from its growing popularity, following anger over WhatsApp updates that aim to share more information. with Facebook.

While creating an account in the Signal app is easy, it seems that transferring groups of family or friends from WhatsApp to the new app seems annoying and tiring for many.

Therefore, the application published a tweet with an illustrated guide to facilitate this process, which consists of 4 steps:

1- At first, you need to create a group in the Signal app by adding at least one person manually, then give the group a name and a profile picture for it.

Simple steps to create and transfer groups to Signal

2- After creating the group, go to the group settings and turn on the group link switch, a function that allows you to get a link through which you can join the group directly.

Simple steps to create and transfer groups to Signal

3- Activate the group link and click share

Simple steps to create and transfer groups

4- Send the group link to whoever you want to join the group without having to add it yourself

Simple steps to create and transfer groups

It should be noted that the application “WhatsApp” faces many criticisms as a result of the request from the parent company (Facebook) of its nearly two billion users worldwide, to accept new terms of use that allow it to share more data with Facebook .

Users who refuse to accept the new terms will be banned from using their accounts as of February 8.