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Einplatinencomputer: Orange Pi OS auf Basis von Android 12 oder Arch Linux

Single-board computer: Orange Pi OS based on Android 12 or Arch Linux

Orange Pi OS is a desktop operating system for single-board computers like the namesake Orange Pi, Banana Pi, and original Raspberry Pi and is based on Android 12 or the Android Open Source Project (“AOSP”) or on ArchLinux. A very young project is used as a desk.

Resource-saving operating system for single-board computers

With Orange Pi OS, the Chinese developer Orange Pi offers an operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (“AOSP”), which uses Android 12 as a base and is used for both internal single-board computers and the popular Raspberry Pi and other ARM64 microsystems can. The working environment is done with the free CuteFish desktop.

Orange Pi OS (“Droid”) and Orange Pi OS (“Arch”) for single-board computers (Image: Orange Pi)

While the Orange Pi (“Droid”) based on Android 12 is now available for download, the Orange Pi (“Arch”), which is based on Arch Linux, is still in the final stages of development, should”prompt” follow. In both cases, the developers are making a complete operating system for mini PCs.

  • desk
  • taskbar
  • Start Menu
  • file manager
  • Android gaming mouse support
  • Free Appstore + Google Play Store
  • mozilla thunderbird
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • multitask

The developers based their operation on Windows 11 and want to offer a comparable “look & feel”. Also included are popular desktop applications such as Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. In addition, the very lightweight CuteFish desktop offers numerous themes that make the free operating system customizable. Apart from the Google Play Store, there is also a free alternative to choose from and it provides replenishment when it comes to apps.

Orange Pi operating system (
Orange Pi OS (“Droid”) (Image: Orange Pi)

Many system areas, such as the system tray, settings, and control center, are reminiscent of Microsoft’s current operating system and make it very easy for newcomers and switchers to get used to.

Orange PiOS (
Orange Pi OS (“Droid”) – Control Center (Image: Orange Pi)

Orange Pi single-board computers, such as the Orange Pi 5 with the Rockchip RK3588S and up to 32 GB of RAM, as well as the Orange Pi 800 keyboard computer are supplied with the Orange Pi operating system (“Droid”) out of the box.

Orange Pi OS (“Arch”) should follow soon

in the download area The latest version from the manufacturer is also available and will be complemented in the near future by Orange Pi OS (“Arch”), which is said to be able to run on all 64-bit computer systems with x86 architecture.