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Six privacy-focused alternatives such as maps, messaging, and search

Six privacy-focused alternatives such as maps, messaging, and search

Most of us We’re so used to the apps we depend on, so it’s easy to stop thinking about how they work and what we do with our data. Most free services make money from advertising. That means collecting data about our likes, online activity, and app usage.

There are better options: An app that keeps your data safe from unwelcome visitors and enthusiastic advertisers. And they may fit into your daily life more easily than you would expect.

Of course, Apple and Google take different approaches to user privacy. Apple sells hardware to make money, while Google sells ads to make money, which requires a lot of data collection and profiling. Google promises to keep real personal data private, but sells ads to the profiles you create.

By comparison, many Apple apps, such as Safari, Mail, and Apple Maps, are already pretty well locked down from a privacy perspective. However, in this summary, we avoided both Apple and Google in order to provide options that span multiple devices and platforms.

Messaging signal

Screenshot: David Nield via Signal

There are many apps to choose from for text messaging, but Signal (Android, iOSYou can also easily work across multiple platforms. As you can imagine, end-to-end encryption is built in as standard. There is also an option to erase the message, leaving no trace.

Signal may not have as many options and features as other instant messengers in the app store, but it supports voice and video calls, group chats, file transfers, audio clips, and very important GIFs. I have. .. Perhaps the biggest problem with the app is persuading everyone on your contact list to switch to the app, Here’s the full guide to Signal To help you insist.

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Firefox for web browsing

Screenshot: David Nield via Firefox