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Brawl Stars: December Brawlidays Brawl Talk! TWO new Brawlers!? Free gifts!?


Hello and welcome to brawlidays holidays does it mean gifts? that’s right we have 13 free gifts and two brawlers and one of those brawlers is free let’s start right off the bat with our newest brawler byron he is a sinister salesman who is also a support brawler he is going to be the third member of piper and barley’s trio and he can sell you whatever you need to boost you up or damage your enemies byron plays a little bit differently than our previous support brawlers his attacks either harm the enemy with the damage over time or they heal his friends with a heal over time so exactly what you need in the right situation and for his super byron will throw a vial on the floor that will damage or heal a brawler depending on whether it’s an enemy or a friend byron is a mythic brother and he will be available the day after the update and of course

It wouldn’t be brawlidays without skins in this update we’re going to have snowman tick holiday party frank and community made skin nutcracker gail from supercell make and that’s not all there will also be a new batch of true silver and true gold skins for Daryl crow Jesse tara and last but not least tick coming in January for the first time we’ve got a duo showdown challenge and if you win it you can get warrior bow before anyone else in the world and


if you’re not getting warrior for the challenge he is available in the shop one week after coming to bounty we’re introducing a blue star which will prevent ties from happening the blue star replaces the original star in the center of the map whichever teams picks it up in case of tiebreaker wins and that’s as long as you hold the star so watch out if you’re defeated holding the star the enemy team gets it in addition we made a small tweak to gem grub now the game in gem grub ends about 30 seconds after the last gem spawned and siege’s environment is now gonna be pam scrapyard eight animated pins for brawlers with this update present plunder is back trophy seasons now last four weeks and have less decay phew that was a lot of stuff no we’ve got gifts starting today we celebrate brawlidays and there will be gifts from today until the 24th of december a new gift in the shop every day yes that’s right every day now frank what could be better than 13 presents um a new brawler better two new brawlers better oh no you didn’t that’s right while we have frank distracted in the studio we made our second brawler free his name is edgar and he is epic edgar is an edgy teenager who works together with colette in the gift shop he wants to be cool and mysterious


but he can’t quite put it up really he’s a fast melee brawler who attacks with his scarf but he has pretty low health which is why he also heals when he attacks his super very much like daryl charges by itself and it makes him leap over obstacles to get close up to his prey so you can wait and see for the best moment and then leap on your target edgar is gonna be free during the brawler days so be sure to grab him when he comes out after that he’ll still be available in boxes but you don’t want to miss out that’s all for today we wish you a happy brother day season thanks for giving us an amazing year with brawl stars be sure to subscribe and have a wonderful holiday season see you in january hello and welcome to brawl talk you already forgot something i did brawler days okay that’s a bad start whoops angry presents the grinch you

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