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SK Gaming | Content: SK Joins Brawl Star

Today we are very excited to be part of the new esports scene as we sign the first Brawstar team. Over the last two years, we have the right people and attitudes to carry out a very successful mobile gaming project at Clash Royale, and we want to replicate everything we learn there in another Supercell game.

The roster we have signed has been known as a free agent or former PSG for the past few months. Three of the four players were playing together for most of last year, including the Brawl Stars World Championship 2019. By 2020, they have already participated in two offline events, winning the qualifying in the second one. Brackets for over 3,300 teams.

“We are looking forward to the thrilling year of mobile esports, and we hope to join Brawlster to further develop our consistent performance in this genre. It embodies many of the qualities we seek-the importance of family sentiment, a strong mentality to improve, and ultimately the driving force for victory, and we are excited to bring them into the SK fold.” SK Gaming’s CGO says Martin Marquardt.

Without further ado, here is the SK Brawl Stars roster.

SK Brawl Stars:

Magnus’Yde’ Nielsen-Favorite Brawler: Mortis

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soMustafa’xImSkYRiiKZz’ Ibrahim-Favorite Brawler: Leon


FRAlic’TwistiTwik’ Maxime-Favorite Brawler: Max

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FRAchille’Achille’ Baiche-Favorite Brawler: Little

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NLBastian’Bayu’ Thielsch-Coach-Favorite Brawler: Crow

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This weekend will be the first opportunity for the new team to play and support as SK at the first monthly final offline event on March 7th and 8th in Katowice, Poland. In the meantime, follow us on social media to stay up to date on tournaments and individual content, and stay tuned for upcoming content featuring the entire team and brollers!