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Agustinus Mario Damar

Snapdragon 480 released, Qualcomm’s 5G chipset for cheap smartphones

On the other hand, Qualcomm not only develops and manufactures chipset to smartphone, but alsochipset always connected laptop.

Using the Windows on Snapdragon (WoS) solution formerly called PC Always Connected, Qualcomm emphasizes its position by providing a mobile experience as you use. smartphone, but on a laptop.

This is inseparable from the habits of professional consumers who now work not only in offices but anywhere, even at home.

Qualcomm evaluates that consumers need a portable device that is light and thin, has fast performance and has a good camera like that smartphone, good audio, strong battery, fast signal compatible with 5G, screen quality up to 4K.

Chipset for Qualcomm notebooks also not only for premium products but also for notebooks conventional and Basic level, like a Chromebook for educational needs.

As stated by Snapdragon Compute Platform Senior Director of Product Management Miguel Nunes, Qualcomm is very proud of the company’s accomplishments in pioneering an always-connected laptop ecosystem. One of them is Apple, which launched chipset M1 for your MacBook products.

“What Qualcomm is making is the right decision because the ecosystem is growing,” Miguel said, in a Windows session on Snapdragon with the media on Thursday (12/17/2020).

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