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"SNL" addresses Staten Island coronavirus protest, Mall Santa during a pandemic

“SNL” addresses Staten Island coronavirus protest, Mall Santa during a pandemic

“”Saturday night live “ This weekend Coronavirus, Including last week’s Staten Island, New York, Demonstration After the bar owner was arrested, allegedly opposed to government regulations on indoor dining.

Pete Davidson, a cast member from Staten Island, said the bar in question, Mack’s public house, is located in the New York City area, which has the second highest number of confirmed cases of the virus, and there are restaurants available there. Meals only outdoors mentioned.

“The owner said no one wants to do it because they’re out of business,” Davidson said. Said, “But the argument that the people of Staten Island don’t want to drink outside can be disproved by literally going to a Little League game.”

Protesters “looked like babies” to everyone on Staten Island, he added.

The New York City Sheriff’s agent is standing outside Mack’s official residence after co-owner Danny Presti was arrested in New York’s Staten Island District on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. (The Associated Press)

Supporters protest outside MAC tavern on Staten Island, contrary to New York’s COVID restrictions

“I know it’s bad for the Boston people to say,’Oh, drink at home, queer!'” He joked.

“Thanks to the protest, people no longer think first when they say,’What’s the worst thing about Staten Island?'” Added Davidson.

Bar co-owner Danny Presti Were told “Fox & Friends” After his arrest, “We are losing faith, and we are losing some faith in the ability of local governments and city governments to help us.” But he fights to save his business. Said he wouldn’t stop.

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“We need some form of support or open up our place. These state and city authorities threaten to fine or license us every day. That’s not right, “presti said.

“SNL” made some other sketches related to the virus.

One Christmas sketch imagined how Santa in a shopping mall could safely survive the season by being in a plastic foam.

In “Santa’s Socially Distanced Santa Village,” there was also a “virtual non-contact elf,” in which Jingle Bell provided hand sanitizer through a hole in the stomach.

Cast member Cecily Strong, hosting Jason Bateman as Santa, as Mrs. Klaus couldn’t fix the base in the plastic foam and rolled down repeatedly.

Pete Davidson "Saturday night live." (Getty Images)

Pete Davidson from “Saturday Night Live”. (Getty Images)

What is promoting coronavirus vaccine evasion in the United States?

Another sketch highlighted the annoyance and guilt that arose when the daughter told her mother she couldn’t go home for vacation because of the risk of the virus.

“You don’t have to go home for Christmas. A mother, played by cast member Heidi Gardner, tells her daughter via FaceTime.” I’ll throw your stockings on fire because you won’t come. “

Earlier in the “Weekend Updates” segment, co-anchor Michael Che recommended that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should be the first person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to be a healthcare professional and a resident of a nursing home. But, “The first person will be a guest of Colin to actually receive [Jost] And Scarlett [Johansson] Holiday yacht party. “

Choi has often made fun of co-anchor Jousting as a Hollywood elite since he married an A-list actress.

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“I have mixed feelings about this vaccine,” he continued. “I’m black, so of course I don’t trust it, but on the other hand, I’m on a white TV show, so I might actually get a real TV show.”

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According to a COVID Collaborative study, less than half of African-American adults are happy to get the vaccine when it becomes available. This is partly related to the history of racial medicine experiments on the part of the government. NBC News report.