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In Microsoft’s new operating system, some applications that were present in Windows 10 have disappeared. informs Latest edition of Windows.

Media journalists compared the two operating systems and named the missing features in Windows 11. These include the ability for advanced customization of the “Start” menu; layout size and scale in the new operating system cannot be changed. In addition, in the new generation system, the ability to access quick settings through gestures, place shortcuts to programs on the taskbar, open files by dragging and dropping a document on the icon of a specific application has disappeared.

Windows 11 also removed the option to customize the context menu by right-clicking, syncing the desktop background on primary and secondary devices. In addition, the new operating system differs from the previous one in that it lacks some proprietary Microsoft applications. For example, Paint, Skype, Math Input Tool and other programs have been removed from Windows 11. You can recover them through the official Windows store.

Reporters noted that many Microsoft operating system users were unhappy with the changes as they spoke on the Feedback Hub platform.

Previously It became knownthat Windows now has automatic protection against malicious applications. The tool not only fights against obvious fraudulent software, but also blocks applications that appear to the system to be unwanted or potentially dangerous.

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