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Sony bringt beeindruckende „Gaming Heads“ -Ellie-Statue / Play Experience

Sony bringt beeindruckende „Gaming Heads“ -Ellie-Statue / Play Experience

Appeared a year ago The Last of Us Part II and it could hardly be saved from the hymns of praise and awards from the players and the specialized press: the game marked another milestone in the world of video games. To celebrate the day, Sony has launched new products for the game on the PlayStation Blog. These include t-shirts, t-shirts, a vinyl soundtrack, and a 16-inch tall statue of Elli weighing 6.1 kilograms.

It’s time for a trip to Seattle with Ellie from The Last of Us Part II. This statue shows an angry Ellie holding her machete firmly with both hands and pulling it out to strike. His clothes are tattered and worn, but a single look on his face reveals what he’s looking for: revenge. Game files were used to create this Ellie figure (big thanks to the Naughty Dog team!). The statue measures about 41 cm (1: 4 scale) from the ground of moss-covered dirt and stones to the top of his head. Made of artificial stone, Ellie is sculpted and hand painted. Delivery of the Ellie statue includes the luxurious and detailed printed packaging, a hand-numbered base and a certificate of authenticity.

The statue will be on display beginning December 15 at PlayStation Gear Store and you only have to put on the table 440 euros, a real investment for collectors! The pre-order has already started.

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