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Sony controller now works with PS Remote Play on Apple devices

PS remote play it was an exclusive series Sony Xperia Z for years, allowing some devices like Xperia Z3 to connect to a game console Playstation 4 on the same network and stream console games to your smartphone. Of course, driver support was present as well. DualShock 4. The user can also use the buttons on the screen if they prefer.

All devices support remote play Android me ios since October 2019, with support for Playstation 5 arriving a year later. However, since the next-gen console came out, users could only use the DualShock 4 controller when streaming from a PlayStation 5. Now, that will change with the new update as Sony has a lot of new stuff in store.

DualSense: Sony has added new support to the app

First of all, the company is finally on its feet solving the problem adding DualSense support for PS Remote Play on Apple devices. The new DualSense controller, which came with PlayStation 5, now supports PS Remote Play on all Apple devices with the latest updates from iOS 14.4 and on Mac with macOS Big Sur 11.3. As TheVerge discovered, the DualSense driver on Apple devices works with the functionality of Adaptive trigger, one of the most prominent features of the new controller.

However, there is no haptic feedback and neither is the microphone. You can of course use the headphone and speaker jacks. Switching devices also requires manual pairing of the DualSense. These are the limitations present for now that affect the final experience of the game. Remember that the Remote Play application is free. So if you are lucky and have recently purchased a PS5, you can test the feature right on your device.

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