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WhatsApp Web receives the most necessary change from the majority of users |  the world

WhatsApp Web receives the most necessary change from the majority of users | the world

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp platform is essentially an app for mobile devices, but the web version and the computer app are also here to make life easier for anyone looking to keep chatting when using a desktop or laptop.

The platform for the computer application has allowed the possibility of synchronizing conversations from the mobile application since 2015, and although these versions of WhatsApp are undoubtedly easy to use, they suffer from significant restrictions.

To use the WhatsApp platform or web application through a computer at this time, you still need to have your mobile phone with you.

And it seems the days of using your phone’s camera to scan a QR code to log into WhatsApp seem to be over, if the news about your beta testing is correct.

Now it appears that WhatsApp has listened to the demands and is testing an online application that does not require a phone.

The requirement to have your mobile phone with you is an important requirement for casting WhatsApp web or computing application, and it is something that users have been looking to change for a long time.

Trial version

The latest version of the WhatsApp Web beta platform included the following note for participants: “You do not need to keep your phone connected to use WhatsApp Web and the desktop application.”

The trial version also indicates that up to 4 devices can be used simultaneously.

There are several reasons why you may not carry your mobile phone while sitting at the computer, which would prevent you from using the non-portable version of the service.

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If the beta functions reach the official version of WhatsApp Web and the service application for the computer, this makes life easier for many people.

This means that if you are away from your phone and want to use WhatsApp Web, or if you lose your mobile phone, or if your smartphone is being repaired, hopefully the platform will soon be able to fulfill your wishes.

Notably, Telegram’s rival platform has provided this feature for a long time, and in recent months many users of the Facebook-owned service have chosen to migrate to Telegram due to problems updating the privacy policy.

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