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SpaceX Starship Launch Live: SN8 in preparation for the first major test flight of a spacecraft to Mars

SpaceX Starship Launch Live: SN8 in preparation for the first major test flight of a spacecraft to Mars

SpaceX will conduct the first major flight test of a starship spacecraft.

The SN8 prototype attempts to launch 12.5 km into the air before landing on Earth, but SpaceX boss Elon Musk states that it is unlikely to succeed. Technology billionaires have said the test is an important milestone in achieving human space travel to Mars within the next few years.

The exact launch date has not yet been announced, but road closures and FAA clearance in the area and airspace around the SpaceX facility in Clark County, Texas are taking place on Tuesday.

The live stream of the event will be broadcast on SpaceX’s official YouTube channel (below).

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No words from Musk or SpaceX yet.

It only takes 2.5 hours for the window to close.

Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 21:00


We’re waiting for news about whether Starship will fly today, but at least we’re enjoying the animations created by SpaceX and showing when the full launch will look like.

SpaceX claims to be “the most powerful rocket in history that can carry humanity to the Moon, Mars, etc.”

Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 20:31


Note: SpaceX must complete the test by 5:30 pm local time (11:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time). At that time, traffic closure will not be implemented in the area around the launch pad.

Another test window will be available from 8am to 5pm tomorrow.

SpaceX will take over three hours to achieve this today.

Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 19:51


Elon Musk tweeted only tangentially about Starship, not the actual test flight. We haven’t updated yet on whether it will happen today, but we’re running out of time.

Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 19:03


While we’re waiting, this is what Elon Musk recently said about his hopes for starship over the next few years.

SpaceX’s boss, who spoke at the Axel Springer Awards in Germany last week, elaborated on plans to make humanity a multi-planetary species.

Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 18:33


About 120,000 people are waiting for the stream to start. At some point today, there were more than 150,000 people.

The meme has been rounding on social media since last week, summarizing frustration.


Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 17:59


At any point in the launch delay last week or so, SpaceX didn’t look so close to achieving the test.

Today, for the first time, the live stream page was displayed on the company’s YouTube page. This page was originally counted down to 8 am local time (2 pm Greenwich Mean Time).

After that, it was reset to the countdown until 10 am, but nothing happened when the countdown was completed. The following message is displayed on the screen. “The team is preparing for additional tests. The lift-off time is undecided.”

Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 17:13


The starship test has been delayed several times, as the Bocachica residents are familiar with it.

The road closure surrounding the SpaceX facility in Texas was first implemented in late November. The latest closure suggests that if SpaceX can’t avoid it today, it’s aiming for tomorrow as a backup.

(Clark County)

Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 17:08


Elon Musk is down in Texas and SpaceX tweeted yesterday that a starship test might take place today.

Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 17:01


Hello and welcome Independent Live coverage of high altitude test flights of the SpaceX Starship SN8 prototype.

SpaceX describes the lift-off schedule as “dynamic and likely to change,” so the confirmed time for the test has not yet been obtained. We will notify you as soon as there is an update.

Anthony CuthbertsonDecember 8, 2020 16:56