With break the spell is a developer proletariat an exciting mix of action and multiplayer was successful. Unfortunately, the game still couldn’t shoot properly. Player numbers have continued to decline and the game could now be described as dead. Steam reviews, for example, are very positive, and many players obviously enjoyed the competitive wizardry in Hollow Lands.

However, as Blizzard announced today, the Proletariat team has now been purchased and will support work on World of Warcraft in the future. Of course, there is not much time left for your own project. So, the developers have now announced the grand finale of Spellbreak. The game will end its service and the servers will be closed. This should happen in early 2023, according to the official statement.

Proletariat addresses fans:

“After more than four years of elemental magic and spells, we have decided to end development on Spellbreak. The servers will be shut down in early 2023. Thanks to the millions of players who have joined us in Hollow Lands since 2018; it was a amazing trip.

Our vision was to create a new magic action multiplayer game with exceptional moves and class customization, giving players the opportunity to unleash their inner battle mage. We are grateful to the game community for exploring the magical worlds and experiences we create together. Spellbreak has been an ambitious project that has seen our team push the boundaries of design and development, and we look forward to continuing to develop new titles in the future.

Thank you to all the Spellbreak fans around the world for the support and dedication that have made the game and the community so special.”

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