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“Spider-Man Miles Morales” and 6 other best video games based on the movie


Video games and movies have always been hand in hand.And like the 2003s, it ’s my favorite cultural crossover. Enter the matrix Or a 2009 hit Batman: Arkham Asylum, It may be a bit outdated, but with some new games available, you can dig deeper into the stories and characters of your favorite movies.

So, whether you’re presented with one of the hard-to-find next-generation new video game consoles this holiday season, or waiting for the store to restock, here are your seven favorite updated movies. There is a video game based. Buy now (or pre-order).

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Available on Xbox and PlayStation

This third person action game can be played as single player or in collaborative gameplay. The story is original and is based on a catastrophic accident at the unveiling of the Avengers headquarters, where Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor were blamed for destruction and decided to dissolve. Five years later, in the future where superheroes will be outlawed, they will start playing as teenage Kamala Khan trying to reunite the team, and then as individual members. Avengers fans are grateful to dive into their favorite characters and follow this intense story, including a global conspiracy. In addition, new locations and characters will be automatically upgraded to access them as they become available. PS5 and Xbox Series X updates will be available when you’re ready to upgrade.

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Alien Isolation
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Available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch

This survival horror video game is set 15 years after Ellen Ripley left Earth and can be played as her daughter Amanda Ripley. Amanda Ripley uses a flight recorder recovered from her mother’s ship to find out what really happened years ago. Excite yourself with a sophisticated nostalgic intro and spend most of your time in the aforementioned isolation, hunted by another spooky alien at the Sevastopol space station. Successful as a horror game alien Fans will appreciate the music and tones that will quickly bring you back to the original movie.

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Available on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

If you’re patiently waiting for the 2021 release of the Batman clan story, Gotham Knights, Thank you for this stylish LEGO adventure that you can play as a destructive supervillain in the DC Universe. Combining comedy and action, Lego DC villain It takes place in a world where all your favorite superheroes disappear and only the newly created “Justice Syndicate” remains. This crew of barely disguised villains turned out to be the counterparts of the Parallel Universe. Here it causes havoc along with the DC villains you know and love, such as Harley Quinn and the Joker (the latter being spoken by Mark Hamill). I love this game because you can create your own Supervillain, from the look to all your favorite powers. Very fun for adults, it’s also a great family game to play with kids.

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Star Wars Jeddy-Corrupted Order
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Available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC

This cinematic Star Wars adventure takes place between episodes 3 and 4, darkly reflecting the aftermath of the epic purge of the Jedi by Darth Vader and Palpatine. As the former Padawan of this third person action game, Calquestis, you need to help complete the training and rebuild the Jedi’s order. There is no pressure. Of course, you’ve been hiding for a long time, so you’ll have to reaffirm your power while upgrading and customizing your lightsaber as you progress through your adventure. As a single player game Star Wars Jedi: Corrupted Order You can appeal to anyone who loves movies, but you can focus on not only combat, but also fascinating expeditions and creative puzzles.

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Jurassic World: Evolution
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Available on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Thankfully, you won’t run away from Velociraptor Jurassic World Evolution This is to run the show in this simulation game. In addition to the high-profile narration by Jeff Goldbram, BD Wong, and Bryce Dallas Howard, parks have been built on five different islands, 42 highly detailed dinosaurs have been placed, unlocked and the digital genome. Must be created in. .. Of course, you need to earn the right amount of cash and at the same time maintain a “park rating”. This means helping customers be happy (and preferably healthy) with service and transportation. Come to be familiar with the business you will feel while creating your own theme park, but stay for those wonderful and sluggish dinosaurs.

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Spider-Man Mile Moral
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Playstation only

This spectacular, graphic-proportioned video game accompanies it as one of the most anticipated games of the year, as if the PS5 launch needed something more to excite people. I will. For PlayStation gamers only Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales It boasts gorgeous 4K visuals and ultra-fast road times. The game continues as our hero, 17-year-old Miles Morales, takes over Spider-Man’s mission and mentor Peter Parker goes on vacation. From stopping caring rhinos rampaging around the city to knocking down many different enemies, you can use all his power, from Miles swaying from buildings to cocooning bad guys on his web. I’m here to help you understand how to use it. And while it’s the power of the PS5 that really captivates you with its amazing details, the game is also available on the PS4.

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Star Wars Skywalker Saga
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Available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC

This long-awaited video game will be released in early 2021, but you can book it now. In addition to being able to play all nine different stories Star Wars In the movie, you can drop in on any planet at any time and play as any character.It’s also the first time it’s included in a LEGO Star Wars series of games. The Last Jedi And The rise of Skywalker. As always, the story is fun and the scripts are interesting. Plus, you’ll never get bored quickly with the ability to explore about 500 characters and a huge amount of terrain.

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