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KFConsole officially launched!  High-end gaming PC with chicken warmer

KFConsole officially launched! High-end gaming PC with chicken warmer

The console war is over. So Sony with their PlayStation 5 and Microsoft with their Xbox Series X can pack. That’s how safe KFC Gaming is, at least on Twitter when the official announcement of the KFConsole.

This is a high-end game console, actually a gaming PC, using the fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken developed in collaboration with Cooler Master.

Hardware equipment with Intel Nuc 9 Extreme CPU, Two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs and the Asus RTX ray traced graphics card is really to lick and should 4K gaming at up to 240fps enable.

The absolute killer feature, however, is this Chicken chamber, in which you can use the heat of the pc to keep the fried chicken pieces warm.

Click here to access the official KFConsole product page

Is KFConsole real?

When KFConsole was first introduced in June 2020, of course everyone assumed it was a marketing joke. The joke now seems to get pretty serious. With an officer Product page, their own social media channels and seemingly ironic reports on Main means of communication actually, it all looks like a real product launch.

KFConsole cannot be ordered (yet). And also to Pricing and availability there is no concrete information.

Little by little I wonder how KFC and Cooler Master want to get out of the number again. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these things happened. But before a game console with a chicken camera actually ends up on the desk at Marques Brownlee or Unbox Therapy (and maybe even then), I’ll continue to take on a publicity stunt. However, I respect KFC for maintaining this for so long and consistently.

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But what do you think? After the official launch, do you think KFConsole will actually be released? And would you keep the fried chicken warm and crisp on your PC? Let us know what you think in the comments.